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Reinforced concrete processing

We supply high-performance, normal-strength, guaranteed-performance concrete, lightweight, delivered by truck mixers and truck mixer pumps. We are specialized in the installation and supply of reinforcement and concrete for the construction of enclosure walls, reinforced concrete walls, concrete walls and retaining walls.



Our experience combined with the best of instrumentation allow us to do every kind of restructuring operation. We pay a lot of attention to the energy efficiency of buildings, this allows us to offer to the customer ahead of your time and effective solutions, at the lowest cost but with the highest yield. We pay attention to details and we perform finishing works: remaking the plaster, removing and laying floors and rebuilding the roof covering.



Our experience and instrumentation allow us to identify water infiltration or potential infiltration points. Having identified the problem we proceed by applying innovative and technical materials to solve the problem definitively. If the structure has suffered major internal damage, after the external arrangement we will construct false ceilings and / or counter-walls insulated or not, or remaking the plaster with high quality materials.


Thermal coats

We pay a lot of attention to the energy efficiency of buildings, that's why we are specialized in the installation of thermal coats as well as the study of energy interventions both internal and external aimed at improving the energy performance of the building, reducing consumption. We know how to advise the customer on materials and insulation solutions based on needs and budget.


New products


Our company

We are manufacturers by passion. For years we have been dedicated ourselves to the construction of walls and other reinforced concrete structures, as well as to the restructuring, new construction, waterproofing and static interventions for energy saving. Passion leads us to continuously update ourselves on new technologies intended as materials, laying and construction techniques applied in the building sector. With the experience and high technology of the instruments as well as the materials we use, we are able to guarantee you all our work regarding quality and longevity.

Our aims

Our goal is to create efficiently, for a very long time. We do not limit ourselves to make our products to comply with the regulations in force, but we are working hard to improve the performance beyond the imposed values. We deal with the construction of walls and structures in reinforced concrete, new buildings, restorations and waterproofing. Our experience and continuous updating allow us to design and apply energy improvement solutions in any type of work: whether it is new construction, renovation or waterproofing. We evaluate and analyze critical points of the buildings, then we propose interventions with highly effective insulation, according to the budget given by the customer. We are very careful to details, this is an element that makes the difference in these types of interventions.

Completed work

Every work of ours is unique, studied and executed with care and passion. Our experience has made us experts in finishes: remaking plasters, removing and laying floors, rebuilding the roof covering. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are surprised by our work, admiring the care with which we carry out the intervention day after day. Our goal is customer satisfaction, giving it the serenity of having a product guaranteed in terms of quality and durability.

Some of our works

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